The Oakland Schools Technical Campuses (OSTC) campuses provide practical career technical education to high school students from Oakland County's 28 public school districts, public academies, private learning institutions and home schools. Enrolled students spend part of their day studying at their home district and the other part actively involved in one of several career clusters.




The  chart below showcases current college credit opportunities for students enrolled in any of the 9 program clusters at OSTC. The curriculum at OSTC is aligned with the college curriculum, so students gain confidence knowing that they are already completing college coursework and earning credits that will save them time and money! Earning and utilizing college credits provides a much smoother transition for students into postsecondary learning, which will help them persist and stay on track. Encourage students to build concrete plans for postsecondary learning by :
  • Knowing what articulated credits are available at the college they are considering  and the process for accessing the credits
  • Becoming familiar with OCC's Expanded Credit Option
  • Mapping out their Plan after high school, in a Program of Study.