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Certain Programs Being Updated

A program of study is designed to help students determine the classes that are needed for the career or degree they plan to pursue. Michigan uses programs of study to link secondary and postsecondary CTE programs. In particular, secondary and postsecondary agencies review standards that are submitted as part of the Rigorous Programs of Study (RPOS) approval process. At the secondary level, this requires addressing the state’s secondary CTE standards; at the postsecondary level, this requires addressing locally-selected postsecondary CTE standards.





BLANK POS Template


01.0000 Agr, Agr Op                                 

46.0000 Construction Trades

10.0202 Radio/TV                                     

47.0603 Collision Repar Tech

10.0301 Graphics/Print                             

47.0604 Automobile Technician

11.0201 Comp Programming                     

47.0613 Medium/Heavy Truck Tech

11.0801 Digital Multimedia                         

48.0501 Machine Tool Tech

11.0901 Computer Systems/Net               

48.0508 Welding, Brazing, Soldering

12.0400 Cosmetology                                 

50.0101 Visual & Performing Arts

12.0500 Cooking/Culinary Arts                   

51.0000 Therapeutic Services (Health Science)

14.4201 Mechatronics                                

52.0299 Business Adminstration Mgt         

15.0000 Engineering Tech                         

52.0800 Finance & Financial Management

15.1301 Draft Design Tech - Arch              

52.1999 Marketing, Sales, and Service

15.1306 Mechanical Drafting

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